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Control the blinds, the lights of the whole house, the irrigation of the garden, the garage door and everything that goes through your head, stretched on the sofa or from anywhere in the world. Apart from making your home much more efficient, it will make a home more comfortable for you and your family.


Motion and window sensors give you absolute control over the safety of your home. With the cameras you can check the veracity of any activation. Cut off water or gas if there is a leak. Trigger the alarm or receive a warning to your mobile if the smoke sensor is triggered.


Raise and lower the blinds or turn the lights on and off depending on the exterior lighting. Control the consumption of each appliance plugged in or the overall consumption of your home. Optimizes the start and stop of your appliances. Create alerts for excessive consumption.


Do everything from wherever you want and when you want just by accessing through a simple application on your smartphone. Activate boiler and air conditioning before arriving at your house. Control if your children have arrived from school. Everything you can imagine, from your device.

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